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Why are core skills for growth so important?

#Criticalthinking ; #resilience ; #collaboration ; #selfmanagement are the core skills for growth I have discussed. Of course, you can add more. But why are they so important in today’s organisations?

Why are core skills for growth so important?

In the 1920s Fordism meant that work was about repetitive actions to create an assembly line. No need to collaborate or be creative.

In the 1970s we moved towards a service industry, with clear job roles and lots of protocols and standardized processes put in place. No need to ask the critical questions.

Today, we are moving into a new era. #Agility, #creativity, #innovation, #hybridworking, #remoteworking, #crossfunctionalteams . This means asking the critical questions, it means having more autonomy, collaborating with others to find solutions to complex problems, less following direct orders from above, more working together to achieve a common goal. Therefore I strongly believe in the importance of the core skills around Critical Thinking; Resilience; Collaboration; Self-management.

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