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I thrive in dynamic environments, leveraging my proven track record to guide companies through crucial phases of expansion. With a keen eye for identifying top-tier talent and fostering a culture of innovation, I turn ambitious visions into reality.

My journey is a testament to my unwavering commitment to transforming startups and scale-ups into industry leaders. Armed with an extensive background in people management, HR strategy, and organizational design, I bring a holistic perspective to the business leaders and the boardroom. My ability to align human capital with overarching business goals paves the way for seamless scalability and market agility.

At the core of my philosophy lies my unwavering belief in the potential of both individuals and organizations. My strategic and tactical focus on people, talent, and organizational design has consistently translated into high-performing teams and sustainable growth. Whether it's optimizing internal processes, driving diversity and inclusion initiatives, or crafting adaptable structures for future challenges, my work transcends traditional roles, making me an ideal  partner in the startup and scale-up landscape.

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