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Vision for the future of work - part 8

My vision for the #futureofwork is less large corporate, more #SME.

Vision for the future of work - part 8

Although we see many small organisations not surviving the tough market conditions in a climate of rapid change and technological innovation, I do still see an increase in employment with small and medium-sized organisations. #Jobdesign, #organisationdesign and #HR in smaller organisations is different from that in large corporate organisations.

And even though it seems that large corporate organisations like the Apples, Googles and Amazon’s of this world, seem to absolutely dominate, I am still convinced that we will see higher levels of employment in smaller and medium-sized organisations.

Large corporate organisations are heavily process driven, and therefore an ideal environment for automation. Shifts in markets always open opportunities for new ideas and businesses. I also believe that the right mix between #AI and humans will be the winning one, and for a smaller organisation it is easier to fine tune this balance between technology and humans than it will be for larger corporate organisations.

Fine tunning the mix between technology and humans, will also be an important focus for HR. In my vision the focus on competencies will increase, and as I mentioned in my post Organisation Design: part 4; “four Pete’s do not compensate for one amazing John”. We then don’t measure #workforce in FTEs but in #competencies, #humanimpact versus AI impact on products, services, and bottom line. This requires more fluidity in thinking about #resourceplanning, #skillsmapping, than “bumps on seats” and FTEs. There are already organisations hiring for potential and hiring for growth. However, my sense is that these are still the few amongst the many.

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