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Vision for the future of work - part 7

Your organisation culture will be more important in the #futureofwork: the #humanvibe & #energizingvibe.

Vision for the future of work - part 7

I believe that people connect with people. We are human beings in the end… I strongly believe that the energy, dynamics of the people behind the products and services offered, have a direct impact on the clients and clients’ choices.

At one organisation I worked with, they called it the Energizing Vibe! They didn’t employ fancy, sleek salespeople who tried to sell to the clients. Their sales pitch was their energizing vibe. Their teams enjoyed being there, people were passionate about their work, and finding the best solutions possible for their clients; they had an #energizingvibe that made clients want to work with them.

In a world where we will see more AI, more automation, I truly believe the #humanfactor will play an increasingly important role. The #organisationculture will define collaboration, the flow of energy, of creativity, the ability to strengthen and continue growing the #collectivebrain. The passion will filter through their products and services directly attracting their clients.

For HR this means a significant shift, noting that for some cultures/countries more so than others. Creating and managing the right organisation culture requires different skills than managing payroll and ensuring legal compliance on employment contracts.

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