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Vision for the Future of work - conclusion

The evolution of Technology and AI will only emphasis what makes us human. What does make us human? What uniqueness do we have and bring?

Vision for the Future of work - conclusion

Consequently, Human Resources as a professional field and corporate function will have to do some soul-searching, self-reflection, transitioning as its role is to focus on the HUMAN factor in #organisations. When we answer the questions what makes us human, and how to act as a human in organisations, #HR needs to set plans and programs in motion to elevate, grow, enhance, #learn, and develop the human factor in individuals, groups, and businesses. I think that is #progress, and exciting and we as HR #professionals will become true to our name.

The relation between organisations and people will become more fluid, with a variety of different people contributing to the #community of the organisation. The old model focussed on #office walls to define the organisation. I see the new model based on what I call the #MUSHROOM. A strong stalk with a protective cap, that allows for a strong central community with openness to welcome and work with #freelancers, #interns, #specialists, and others underneath the cap. This model puts #collaboration and #competencies at its core. Where the work of HR was previously much defined by “the walls” it will now have to be defined by the “the stalk”; looking outwards rather than inwards.

Is the Future of Work as scary as many make us believe? The great scaremongering, is it justified? I believe not, even though for many people #change is always a bit scary. I believe we have already started our “Future of Work” journey, and wheels are already in motion, we are already evolving.

Parts of the system and people will move faster than others, but becoming more HUMAN is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe we just took our uniqueness for granted, or lost it and found comfort in the routine, becoming almost #machines in ourselves? Just look at the #education system: we #teach children to become walking encyclopaedias, but more and more we are questioning if that is really who we are, and what we should be, and if this is best use of our unique skills and human abilities.

I believe in humans, and throughout history we have proven human’s ability to evolve, adapt, find #creative answers, new #opportunities, new #skills. Maybe the Future of Work is not much else than “going back to our human roots”.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Get in touch!

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