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Vision for the future of work - 1

I hear the term #futureofwork being used a lot, but nobody has yet to give me a clear vision of what the future of work will look like? Is the term becoming a fashionable, but meaningless buzzword? A hollow term?

Vision for the future of work - 1

The future of work… What will work look like in 2033? How will it be different from today? 2033 is a “mere” 10 years from now, it sounds far away, but believe me time flies.

When we talk about work, I think about the role of HR (obviously). How will HR evolve around the Future of Work? Who will work in HR? What will be the critical skills within HR? What part of today’s HR will no longer exist?

There appears to be a consensus that things will change radically. Goldman Sachs predicts that 300 million jobs will be lost due to Artificial Intelligence. There is talk about the fourth industrial revolution. And the word ‘revolution’ means overthrowing the old and replacing it with something new. However, beyond the consensus of “it will all be different” I don’t get to hear much about how, in what way it will be different in 2033.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a vision (those who have worked with me can affirm…).

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