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Upscaling 9 - Critical thinking and scaling-up

For me, #criticalthinking is the number one skill for everybody involved in upscaling. Absolutely 100%. Ask me why, and I probably won’t stop talking for a long time. Today I will try to be short and give you my 2 cents on why critical thinking is particularly important for organisations who are upscaling.

Upscaling 9 - Critical thinking and scaling-up

Upscaling means constant change, constant evolution. Today there is a team of 10, tomorrow there will be 14, the day after there will be 25, etc. It also means that #processdesign needs to become more fluid.

If a person lacks critical thinking they follow processes, protocols without thought, analysis, or inquiry. Constantly adapting to change, and for-example new team structures, will be difficult and frustrating for a person that lacks critical thinking skills. Furthermore, there is a risk that people with no, or limited critical thinking skills, will add process upon process upon protocol, without questioning, analysing, or reviewing the overall process. The result is process overload, increasing rigidity and inefficiency.

What is essential in a scale-up organisation, is to stay focused on the overall objectives, whilst continuously adapting, adjusting, evolving processes to optimise resources. Continuously ask “Is this the best way to get to our objectives?”; “Can I do this better, faster, more efficient whilst achieving the same or better results?”; “Now that we are with more, how can we better distribute our talents, skills and energies?”.

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