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Upscaling 2 - Start with the People Roadmap

When upscaling, a strategic people roadmap is crucial to ensure that the organisation has the right #talent, culture, and capabilities to support its growth objectives. The Roadmap ensures all key areas evolve in unison to support overall growth. Unbalanced growth, uneven growth in one area at the expense of another area, will not result in achieving the overall growth objectives. It will turn upscaling into an inefficient and costly operation.

Upscaling 2 - Start with the People Roadmap

Your People RoadMap should include:
1. #Talentacquisition strategy, where how and when are you going to find your talent
2. #Onboarding programs ensuring everybody is skilled up, informed and equipped to integrate quickly
3. #learninganddevelopment programs, including #careermapping and #upskilling opportunities
4. #leadership strategy, including #successionplanning for key positions.
5. Performance management process, with individual KPIs linked to overall objectives of the company
6. What type of #companyculture you want to build? Creating an the employer brand and identity that is unique, inclusive and built around strong values.
7. #communicationstrategy : upscaling means constant change as the organisation is evolving, making effective communication essential to keep people informed and drive engagement.
8. #hrsystems and infrastructure, what do you need, at what stage should you invest, in what?
9. International payroll and local employment legislation; what are your options options and investment choices to manage local compliance and legal risks

You cannot upscale through #talentacquisition only. You need to write your upscaling playbook!

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