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Upscaling 10 - Strategy

Upscaling is about a journey. Vision is a destination. Strategy is the roadmap.

Upscaling 10 - Strategy

Upscaling is intense and there is a risk of becoming overly focused on the day-to-day whilst loosing focus of the bigger picture and longer-term strategy. Scale-ups are dynamic, they evolve continuously. Using the metaphor of “the journey”, there are many unknowns, twists, turns, crossroads and roundabouts that need to be navigated. At each point decisions need to be made. A strong strategy allows the organisation to navigate with ease and make decisions with clarity and purpose.

With a strategic roadmap there is no need to stop at each traffic light to reflect, discuss and decide as a group whether to turn left, right, or go straight on. A strategy provides clarity and direction, it provides purpose and focus, and it ensure everybody is on the same page, heading to the same destination.

I hope you enjoyed the 10-posts about Scaling-up. Thank you for reading. Feel free to get in touch.

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