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Upscaling 1 - A delicate journey

Upscaling, what is it really? Very straight forward its about increasing numbers, doing things bigger, with bigger results, going from a team of 30 to a company of 300, with more clients, a higher turnover, increased profit.

Upscaling 1 - A delicate journey

Upscaling itself is the process, not the result. Or I often call it a journey, going from A to B, from 30 to 300 employees, from local to international. The upscaling journey is challenging, especially for #HR. HR needs to recruit the extra 270 people, whilst upgrading their services to an increasingly large population. With a larger population comes increasingly higher demands and expectations around services, more sophisticated #employeevalueproposition , managers will increasingly turn to HR for advice in how to manage the increasing number of people, their performance, their development needs. International expansion means managing the complexity of an international payroll and complying with diverse local legislation.

I advise companies and HR departments to have a clear overarching strategic People Roadmap for growth to avoid overemphasising on one area (recruitment) whilst neglecting building an overall infrastructure, processes, and capacity in other areas.

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