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Out of the Box or in the Box?

It is such a fascinating and interesting evolution on how we work and how work is organised.

Out of the Box or in the Box?

Questions like “should we go #Remote or #Hybrid”? What will the #futureofwork look like? What separates or connects the different generations at work?

I am intrigued by the complexity of the world of work, how everything is connected and inter-connected like a big machine where even the smallest screw can have a major impact on the functioning of the whole system. Fascinating.

And yesterday it made me think about boxes….
Years ago, the terms “thinking out of the box” became so overused, it became annoying. (agree?)
Today it seems to have become all about “ticking the box”. How did we transition from “try to step away from the box” to “please fit into the box”? Your thoughts?

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