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Embedding core skills for growth into the organisation

Acknowledging why core skills are important is a first step. Understanding what the core skills for growth are, is a second step. But how to embed core skills for growth into the organisation?

Embedding core skills for growth into the organisation

The answer is to make it part of the organisation’s culture. But how to create and influence #organisationculture?

Many factors influence the organisation culture. Some are easier to manage and influence than others. For one, I strongly believe in education. What we learn influences our understanding and enlarges our skills base.

An example of an action plan to embed core skills through education & learning:

Objective: 2 – 3 learning hours per year per core skill for each employee. If you choose four core skills (#criticalthinking, #resilience, #collaboration, #selfmanagement) this totals 8 – 12 learning hours per employee per year focussed on core skills awareness, training, and development.

Implementation: Use modern, interactive, on/off-line, #bitesizelearning technics. There are so many effective, engaging, and innovative ways to learn. Spread the learning over the year and evolve or rotate the learning materials so each year there is something new and different to learn. Make sure you include a short introduction to core skills in your onboarding program.

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