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Core skills for growth - Self-management

I believe self-management is increasingly important, especially in knowledge-based-network-organisations.

Core skills for growth - Self-management

1) An increase in #hybridworking and #remoteworking, which means more autonomy around work.
2) Working in a matrix organisation, cross functional and collaborative, which means managing several stakeholders, more individuals to collaborate with, coordinate work and efforts across a vaster network.
3) Increased ownership in work, results and personal-, and #careergrowth.

Increased ownership and autonomy mean individuals need to understand how their behaviour, their time and energy can impact on the quality of their work, their performance, their growth, as well as the success of the team. They subsequently also need to understand what elements that impact their work are outside their control and which ones are within their control. What can an individual influence and what not? And how can an individual increase their area of influence to increase their impact on personal and collective success?

Self-management means being able to answer the questions “How can I perform better, how can I influence my own work, how can I manage my network, myself, my time, my energy to obtain better results, learn, grow, and succeed for myself and the team? What can I influence and what can I not influence (elements not within my control)?”

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