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Core skills for growth - Resilience

Growing without resilience is not possible. Resilience means the ability to cope with setbacks, to be able to get up and continue after a fall, or a challenge. It means bouncing back, evaluating your setback and becoming strong and wiser because of it.

Core skills for growth - Resilience

#Innovation is not possible without the willingness and ability to test → fail → adapt → try again → fail → adapt again → try again → repeat. Resilience doesn’t mean lack of fear to fail or playing the donkey. It’s facing failure and coping with setbacks and having inner strength to persevere and learn from the experience.

Building resilience is essential for personal and organisational growth. Incorporating resilience in the organisation’s #competencystrategy, in the #organizationculture, and the #learninganddevelopment program is important for creating robust, innovative, and agile organisations.

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