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Core skills for growth - Critical Thinking 2 of 3

Criticizing versus being critical. A big and important distinction. Unfortunately, sometimes people criticize rather than being critical. Criticizing is deconstructive, being critical is constructive.

Core skills for growth - Critical Thinking 2 of 3

An #organisationculture that encourages employees to be critical is going to be innovative, creative and collaborative. An organisation where people freely criticize risks becoming a #toxicworkplace with no #learning or innovation, where people are afraid to try new things, afraid to share ideas for risk of being criticized.

Criticizing can be or can feel like a personal attack because it is often a subjective expression of disapproval or a judgement. The objective of criticizing is not to improve, or offer a different perspective, it doesn’t offer a deeper understanding of the subject.

Being critical means engaging in the topic, considering different perspectives to strengthen and improve the outcome. Being critical involves analysing, questioning, and developing a deeper understanding. It goes beyond mere highlighting flaws and imperfections.

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