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Core skills for growth - Critical Thinking 1 of 3

Growing without #criticalthinking is not possible. Whether at individual level or organisational level, critical thinking is essential to advance, grow, develop, innovate, learn.

Core skills for growth - Critical Thinking 1 of 3

In its simplest definition it’s about asking questions. Asking questions with the purpose to better understand the context, the objectives, the bigger picture, the connections between the different elements. It allows for a deeper understanding of the issues, better #decisionmaking , identifying opportunities.

Someone once told me about an organisation that employed a “Director of WHY”. This Director would constantly ask, WHY? “Why would you do it this way.” “Why would you put this in your sales pitch.” “Why are you implementing this process.” “Why are you taking this decision?” The Director of WHY allowed for critical thinking to become embedded in the organisation’s behaviour.

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